Editorial – What’s The Best Of Anyway?

Along with the end of the year comes a plethora of lists, telling us the best and worst of various things that happened during this revolution around the sun.

The Voice Magazine is no exception to this, as the first issue each year is a look back at all of the articles we presented, and a selection of the best of them reprinted for your enjoyment. Of course, the determination of what is “the best” is highly subjective. I know what I like, but that may not be what you, the readers, thought was best. And you outnumber me.

So, a task for you, if you think you’re up to it. Dig through the Voice archives for the past year and send me your votes as to which articles you believe are worthy of inclusion in our January 2nd issue. Once you have that, mail your choices to voice@voicemagazine.org and help me make our “Best of” issue truly a showing of the best articles The Voice Magazine has had on offer.

Somewhat related to the idea of “best of” is how Dr. Peter MacKinnon has agreed to stay on with Athabasca University for another year. While the sentiment I have heard about Dr. MacKinnon is not all positive, the bulk of it does seem to indicate that he is putting a significant effort toward bringing the various AU stakeholders together. This will also allow AU more time to search for, and find, the best possible candidate for the permanent role of President of the organization. As most organizations would consider it folly to let go of someone who was working diligently and well for them, especially with no alternatives readily available to take over the needed position, it seems a no brainer that AU is excited about this turn of events. Of course, what else this extension means is that AU will have another year to implement the changes to the new centralized model before a long-term president is hired. Thus having the opportunity to make sure everything is properly organized for a smooth change-over. So perhaps there’s something to be said for “Best of” practices as well, especially when you compare them to the alternatives.

Of course, the nearness of the Best Of issue also means that Christmas is even closer, and this week we have a number of articles that are starting to touch on the Christmas theme, from our feature article that provides advice as to the important things we need to look out for as we take our courses over this holiday season, to our own travelling student giving us a little taste of what the season brings when it happens during the summer down under.

We also have advice from Barb Godin about some of the troubles kids can cause during this season without even doing anything themselves. And, in a bit of a twist, Hazel Anaka brings to us a modern fairy tale with princesses, magpies, golden coins, and the power of will-power.

Plus, a timely warning from S.D. Livingston about how your anti-piracy software can rob you, and Christina M. Frey lets me know that I’m not actually a grammar Nazi, I’m more of a punctuation tyrant. I’m still not sure if that’s any better. And of course our usual selection of reviews, comics, and other bits of news for AU students. Enjoy the read!