From Where I Sit – A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a Scanner named Hazel who wanted to know and try everything about virtually everything. (And because she is attempting to believe and live self-acceptance she won’t?will try not to?make the easy and self-deprecating crack about being magpie-like in her attraction to the next shiny new thing.)

What this confused maiden long feared is that there was something wrong with her. Unlike the majority of people in the kingdom she wasn’t able to pick one true thing and follow it with single-minded dedication to the end of her days. But lo, years into her life she happened upon a tome called Refuse to Choose and felt relief. This hard wiring in her brain was not only not bad; some may even have called it a blessing.

So she felt free to pursue the knowledge and experiences her innate curiosity aroused. She accepted that being intrigued by something and then losing interest when her needs were met was not wicked but efficient and understandable.

She also discovered comfort and meaning in circling back to something that had piqued her interest, however briefly, in the past.

And so it was with yoga. When she discovered a class and a teacher in the nearby village she opened her silk purse for the necessary coins. And at the appointed time she showed up. In her small castle she had found a long-ago purchase of mat, strap, and block. And while she was stiff and far from graceful she was a good sport and tried all things. And nigh, week after week she saw slight improvements.

And so her passion was re-ignited. She fought the urge to go forth and buy all things: scrolls, moving picture shows, a wardrobe of stretchy outfits, pillows, toe socks, eye masks, bolsters, special towel, and more. But because she is still evolving, she did buy a couple of picture books, two DVDs, and a cotton blanket.

Because she is resourceful, she began looking for more tools for her new practice. Among her possessions she found a scented silk sachet to use as the perfect eye mask for Savasana or corpse pose. She located a Mexican blanket from her first trip to Puerto Vallarta twenty years ago. Her meditation chimes now had more than a decorative role to play. One day she’ll even remember to light candles and burn incense.

Because frugality is a virtue, she was enchanted to find a square cushion with carrying handle for only nine gold (loonie) coins. It would become the ultimate meditation cushion. She intended to sew a more beautiful cover with truly magnificent fabric but decided that really using it was more important than causing delays. She found fingerless yoga gloves for three coins (instead of fifteen). She loves the beautiful fabric tote bag she now uses to store the small supplies of her practice.

And now if only Santa Yogi would place a yoga bolster under the tree she could avoid the outrageous cost and live happily ever after, from where she sits.

Hazel Anaka’s first novel is Lucky Dog. Visit her website for more information or follow her on Twitter @anakawrites..

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