Click of the Wrist – National Hot Tea Month

Cold? No better way to warm up than with a mug of hot tea. In fact, the drink is so appropriate a match for winter weather that January has been designated National Hot Tea Month. Click your way through your next tea-drinking session:

Make Your Selection
Black vs. green? Oolong vs. herbal? And what in the world is matcha? Teavana offers the history of the various tea types?and describes how to prepare them.

Drink Like an Expert
If you really want to become an expert on tea, consider this four-week course, offered online through the Tea Association of Canada. It includes videos and online sessions and covers everything from tea history to the proper vocabulary and techniques used by professional tea tasters.

Read Between the Leaves
If you’ve ever been curious about tasseography?the art of reading tea leaves?this month is a good time to explore a little more. For an explanation of the procedure and the symbols, skim this guide from the Tea Association of the USA.