Click of the Wrist – Black History Month

The purpose of heritage months are to encourage Canadians to explore and embrace all aspects of Canadian culture, but too often we pass up this opportunity to truly appreciate our multicultural heritage. don’t let February go by without recognizing Black History Month and the unique role Black Canadians continue to play. This week’s links will give you a starting point:

The Basics
If You’re unsure where to begin exploring Black history, Historica Canada’s Black History Portal is an award-winning site with multimedia resources on important people and key events in the history of the Black community in Canada. For youth, there’s also an Education Guide (downloadable in PDF format).

The Legacy
Curious about how Black Canadians have influenced Canadian history and culture? This interactive guide profiles 23 Canadians who have made their mark.

The Films
If you want to explore Black heritage through film, the National Film Board offers recommendations for viewing. From documentaries to animated short films, these selections “only scratch the surface of … a rich and multi-layered culture.”

The Stories
What is the modern Black experience? How do people experience racism today? An interesting and moving collection of personal stories, presented by the Ontario Black History Society

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