Music Review – “White Washed Walls”

Artist: Yes Nice
Single: “White Washed Walls

Sometimes a song that is unusual and eclectic has a way of sticking with you. “White Washed Walls” is one such song. The various elements in the song combine to create music that seemingly shouldn’t sound good, but oddly enough it does. And what’s more, the song has a strange power that encourages your creativity to take center stage in your mind, and you may find yourself creating something as unique as this song.

Yes Nice was formed in 2010 and began as a duo-recording project, but they soon grew into a full band. Originally from Edmonton, they’ve since moved to Vancouver. Their sound is a blend of 80s rhythm and funk with modern electronic. The result? A spontaneous splash of chaotic sound that has been harnessed to create memorable songs you’ll be singing in your head for days to come.

When listening to “White Washed Walls” I found their unique sound a blend of various alternative music bands like Ok Go, Tame Impala, Mother Mother, and Milky Chance, but the band Yes Nice is truly in a league all their own. In many ways their music is incomparable.

“White Washed Walls” is a single from the band’s second album Warm Gun. The song starts with a fun 80s electronic beat which is then combined with a more electronic sound. The vocals are almost dreamlike, and the lyrics are equally ethereal. The entire song feels like it originates from somewhere deep in the imagination, as if it is being sung by someone laying on a grassy hill staring up at the plethora of fluffy white clouds that are lazily drifting across the cerulean sky.

I must admit that when I first listened to the song, I wasn’t overly excited about it. But as I listened to it again and again while writing this review, I became very fond of it. Just as Yes Nice’s music is not defined by a genre, “White Washed Walls” takes an image of something so seemingly ordinary (the white washed walls) and transcends what is expected creating a song that is awkward, unique and very special. In a way this songs worms its way into your heart, and, like myself, you may find yourself humming the song long after you have finished listening to it.

I think this song is best listened to while you are being creative. There is just something about “White Washed Walls” that seems to stir the creative spirit. If you find yourself stuck about what to write next, I recommend taking a break and listening to this song. “White Washed Walls” can be found, along with the remainder of the album Warm Gun, on the band’s bandcamp page.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.