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– February 27: Last business day to extend courses ending March 31
– March 10: Last day to register for courses starting April 1
– March 12: AUSU council meeting
– March 31: Last day to extend courses ending April 30

Featured AUSU Member Service

A key role of AUSU is advocacy, both at the individual and institutional level.

Strength is in numbers, and the goal of any students’ union is to provide a unified voice for the student community to accomplish things we could not do alone. All AU undergraduates pay SU fees, so AUSU represents all undergrads.

If you require advocacy or mediation on any issue, or even some support and information, you should not hesitate to contact AUSU. We provide advocacy for both individuals and for the membership as a whole.

For more information on how AUSU can help you, please visit AUSU’s website at:

Great AU Finds Online
The Write Site — A fantastic resource for students who need help writing academic papers. It includes drills and exercises, writing assessment tools, links to writing resources, and samples of various types of papers.

If you need more help, a writing coach can provide one-on-one support. The site received many requests, so check back every hour or so if the queue is full.

Visit the site to find out more about how the Write Site can help you to improve your academic writing:

AUSU Featured Groups & Clubs
Group Name: Athabasca University (@AthabascaU)
Where: Twitter
Members: 7431 followers
About: Social media tweets from AU. Others can use hashtags to post on this site.
Activity:Almost 3000 tweets since February 2009.

This Week at experts have curated playlists get you started. With hundreds of lists on a variety of subjects, there is something for everyone. Visit the playlist center for more information and enter the playlist title. This week’s featured list:

Build Leadership Skills
Being a student at AU creates some difficulties in being able to hone leadership skills, yet every employer values them. Fortunately, has training on a wide range of career and business skills. The Build Leadership Skills is ideal for new grads, or anyone seeking employment while they study. This stream of courses will teach you:
– How to be a leader people love to follow.
– How to uncover your hidden strengths and talents.
– How to inspire your team.

Have a look at this playlist and start using the skills in your everyday interactions outside of school!

Courses: 7
Duration: 8h 52m
Skill Level: Appropriate for all

Have you signed up for lynda? It’s free for AUSU members. To learn more, check out