Click of the Wrist – Wasted Away

It’s cold. It’s bleak. Spring seems a long, long ways off. But there’s good news: this Sunday is National Margarita Day (yes, It’s a real thing!), and even though the holiday’s origins are probably mostly commercial, a margarita sounds like a reasonable substitute for the warmth of sunnier climes. Here’s what you need to know to celebrate:

A Drink Is Born
Where did the margarita originate?and what’s the tequila connection? For those curious about the history of the popular drink, the Huffington Post sorts out the details.

All Things Margarita
The National Margarita Day site’s blog is a fascinating treasure trove of all things margarita?not just history and trivia, but also instructions for margarita-inspired beauty products, recipes for celebratory snacks, and fun memes to share on your Facebook profile. For the diet-minded, there are even recipes for “skinny” and “paleo” versions of the drink!

The Weird and the Wonderful
Bored with the same old, same old? If You’re feeling adventurous, check out these uncommon margarita recipes. Does strawberry sriracha sound good? Orange salted caramel? Pumpkin spice? Or if greens are your thing, there’s even a recipe for a kale margarita. Bottoms up!