From Where I Sit – A Change of Scenery

Some days when a poor columnist’s brain seems shriveled and bereft of a fresh new idea (or a new take on an old idea) she is forced to create one of those compilation or list type pieces.

Having a theme is preferable of course but sometimes a selection of interconnected bits that could be skillfully woven together just isn’t there when you need them. Some topics will never grow up to be full-blown columns, not because they aren’t important enough, but because most writers return again and again to those topics that naturally interest or plague them. We write to understand something or more accurately ourselves.

Ponder these.

1. Consider how the federal government continues to hurt the very military veterans they profess to value so deeply in speech after speech. We all understand that like our own resources, government coffers are finite. But no one can tolerate this ongoing hypocrisy. Perhaps the new Minister Jason Kenney will be able to mitigate the damage done by predecessor Julian Fantino. It’s time.

2. Though I’m older than the four hosts of CTV’s daily show The Social or even their target demographic, I love the show. It’s so much politer (read: less shrieking and interrupting) than the American equivalent The View. Yet it’s relevant, sexy, cutting edge, and so funny. I feel it’s keeping this old gal in the know about what’s hot and what’s not. And it’s Canadian!

3. The recent regimental funeral for Cst. David Wynn was a somber yet spectacular outpouring of love and respect for one special man and the policing/first responder family he represents. Whose heart didn’t break watching his boys try to remain strong in front of our country as their hearts were breaking with personal loss? If his death is to serve any purpose whatsoever it should lead to an examination of the factors that led to his killer being allowed to ’walk among us.’ As a Justice of the Peace for more than thirty years I’ve known a number of Mounties and have some understanding of the danger their days entail. Who among us would step forward to accept those risks? Not I.

4. On my fridge is a Rhymes with Orange cartoon from last fall. It spoke to me. I also knew Hilary, the consummate over-packer needed to see it. It showed an open suitcase and three arrows pointing towards work you won’t do, clothes you won’t wear, and books you won’t read. OMG. Talk about getting real. It niggled at me as we packed for our first ever cruise and the reality of airline luggage fees. Lord knows I’m trying to be smart. I took my Kobo but never even fired it up. Read paper books instead. Never took the laptop so that helped. We rechecked the clothes we packed before the final zip up. Foregoing the weight of a guilty conscience also helped.

Only time will tell if a change of scenery will provide new material for the column, from where I sit.

Hazel Anaka’s first novel is Lucky Dog. Visit her website for more information or follow her on Twitter @anakawrites..

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