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At Home: Universities Allowed to Hire Temporary Foreign Workers
The Globe and Mail is reporting that the federal government will allows post-secondary institutions to hire temporary foreign workers to high paying jobs without having to report the federal government as to how these jobs will be transitioned to Canadian citizens. Instead, post-secondary institutions will be required to make reports to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

The report goes on to say that in most cases, post-secondary institutions hiring foreign workers are planning to hire them as full academics, but the temporary foreign worker program allows them to bring those people over to Canada more easily.

Around the Globe: Harvard Goes to Court over Climate Change
Law students at Harvard University are putting their education to use by taking their own school to court, demanding that it be required to remove all fossil fuel companies from its investment portfolio. The case argues that the university has a duty to fight climate change, and that the investments contribute to “current and future damage to the University’s reputation and that of its students and graduates.” The suit is asking that Harvard be required to immediately withdraw approximately 79 million dollars from direct investments in coal, oil, and gas companies and begin phasing out any other investments that hold such companies in their portfolios. The Guardian reports that 230 faculty members have signed a letter urging Harvard to divest itself of these companies, and 34 students engaged at a sit-in in the University President’s offices.

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