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Grammar Bites

Stumped on a grammar issue? Googling’s not always your best bet?sometimes the answer can be overwhelming, with terms and concepts that fuel still more searches (and a whole lot more frustration). But though predicate nominatives, subjunctive mood, and sentence diagramming are important concepts, basic grammar doesn’t have to be confusing. In celebration of National Grammar Day (March 4), take a look at these easy-to-understand resources on grammar, spelling, and usage:

Quick and Dirty
For simple explanations of your most-feared grammatical issues?and a few intriguing bits of etymology?Grammar Girl offers charts, articles, and podcasts on topics ranging from split infinitives to i.e. vs. e.g.

Fast Facts
Thirty-eight grammar or usage topics in ten minutes? mental_floss magazine’s top-speed explanations might leave you breathless, but educated. This video is the perfect refresher for busy people.

The Funny Side
Grammar doesn’t have to be a serious topic?at least not if You’re The Oatmeal. The web cartoonist’s illustrations of grammar and usage blunders will ensure you remember the difference between who and whom.

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