Click of the Wrist – Time for a Nap

This weekend’s the dreaded time change for locales that observe Daylight Saving Time?the spring forward that cheats us of an hour of rest. There’s good news, though: Monday, the day after Daylight Saving Time begins, is National Napping Day, and perhaps a chance to make up for lost sleep. Click through these links for more on why and how you should nap regularly:

Be A Better Student
No time to nap thanks to the paper you have due next week? A quick snooze might actually help you learn better, according to this UC Berkeley study.

You Are Where You Sleep
According to the National Sleep Foundation, your sleep environment has a big impact on the quality of sleep you’ll have. Use this interactive guide to preparing the perfect place to nap (and if you’ve got a hammock nearby, you’ll want to read this piece on why hammocks offer an even more restful sleep experience).

Ask the Expert
How long should you nap? How late? And what’s a caffeine nap? This Huffington Post article asks a sleep expert for advice. Be sure to scroll down for the slideshow on how to nap at work, too.