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– February 27: Last business day to extend courses ending March 31
– March 10: Last day to register for courses starting April 1
– March 12: AUSU council meeting
– March 31: Last day to extend courses ending April 30

Featured AUSU Member Service

AUSU offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries for members. Our next awards deadline is May 1.

Academic Achievement Scholarships reward scholastic excellence. Applicants must submit a transcript and the students with the highest GPA over the last thirty credits will receive the award.
Overcoming Adversity Bursaries help student in financial need. Special consideration is given to those who have other challenges such as disabilities, single parenting, and extraordinary financial concerns.
Returning Student Awards recognize the commitment of students who return to university study after a long absence from school.
Balanced Student Awards reward the scholastic effort of students who balance multiple life commitments with university study.
Student Service Awards recognize those who provide outstanding support to students or their community. A letter of support from a volunteer supervisor is an asset, as is service to students at AU.

For more information on these awards and our other awards (Emergency Bursary, Computer Bursary, Travel Bursary), visit AUSU’s website at

Great AU Finds Online
Am I Ready? Counselling Assessments ? A series of review modules to test your skill in a variety of subjects. Use these to determine if you need to brush up on a subject before diving in to a course, or just for fun. Also, Mapping Your Future help you choose an occupation. For links, see:

AUSU Featured Groups & Clubs
Group Name: Athabasca University Faculty of Science and Technology
Where: Facebook
Members: 275 likes
About: Posts related to the FST and its students
Activity:Regular posts each week or every two weeks.

This Week at experts have curated playlists get you started. With hundreds of lists on a variety of subjects, there is something for everyone. Visit the playlist center for more information and enter the playlist title. This week’s featured list:

Increased Productivity
The following three video is essential for new students because distance education can be daunting. Setting small, reachable goals and learning how to boost productivity with time management are keys to a successful start.

Firstly, there is a short (just over 11 minutes) video about managing your time by Todd Dewett called Managing Your Time.

Secondly, if you are interested in a course about productivity and managing time, you could watch Enhancing Your Productivity, by Dave Crenshaw. This course discusses
1. Your most valuable activities
2. Building up coworkers
3. Having focus

Lastly, there is a course called Achieving Your Goals, by Dave Crenshaw, that explains how to set measurable and achievable goals.

Have you signed up for lynda? It’s free for AUSU members. To learn more, check out