Click of the Wrist – Freaky Friday

It’s Friday the 13th . . . again. While You’re busy avoiding path-crossing black cats and the underside of ladders, take a few moments to sort out the myths, the facts, and what you really should be afraid of on Friday the 13th.

Dos and Don’ts
If you want good luck this Friday?or any other day?Discovery magazine has a slideshow of activities and situations that you should probably avoid. Read with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Staying Well
Are accidents and other medical emergencies more likely on Friday the 13th? Not according to this study, published in the World Journal of Surgery.

Talking about your fears is supposed to help, but “paraskevidekatriaphobia”?the fear of Friday the 13th?is a terrifying word to even attempt. This NPR short will teach you how to say it. Baby steps!