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AUSU Student Forums
In the Science Course Discussions forum, user “MKhan786” seeks advice on the final exam for MATH 265.
Other topics include an article in the Athabasca Advocate, the AUSU Executive Director position, and courses COMP 444 and 486.

AthaU Facebook Group
Abra’s looking for insight to the POLI 450 final exam. Ashlee wants to know if she can claim invigilation fees on her tax return. Jesse sends a shout out to all those working full time and taking courses. And Melinda looks for ideas on what she can use to prove her student status without a student ID card.
Other postings include popular goddesses, Khan Academy, finding quiet study places, PLAR, and courses HRSV 422 and MKTG 396.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Are you eligible to graduate this year? The deadline to apply for graduation and convocate in June is April 1st!” In a separate tweet, @AthabascaU posts a link to their AU Careers Facebook page: @AUPress tweets an announcement on their latest book, Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun.

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