Click of the Wrist – Blast from the Past

Spring has sprung?on the calendar, at least?and maybe That’s finally given you the motivation you’ve been waiting for to declutter the basement or attic. On the other hand, if you’d like to revel in the past but would rather procrastinate than actually sort and clean, this week’s links are for you. No broom or plastic trash bags required.

An Artists Life
Former art students will recognize and crow over memories of art supplies, art moments, and hilarious ad copy they find in the online Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. If you can’t get enough of it all, the museum now has an online store as well.

Old Photos
Remember the shoeboxes full of old photos you put aside to deal with someday?, a social site where users share and comment on their own and others? vintage photos, is easy to get lost in. Whether You’re seeking reminders of times past, doing historical research, or just curious about how past generations lived, you’ll always, as the site says, find “something interesting.”

Kids Into Type
Typewriters aren’t that old?but to kids who’ve grown up on iPads and touchscreen laptops, typewriters are almost as weird as dial phones and VHS cassettes. This hilarious YouTube video shows kids learning how to work a typewriter. “I feel really sorry for people who had to use these,” they say.