Click of the Wrist – The Small Stuff

It’s all about the details, they say. Whether you’re a long-time miniaturist or want to take a walk on the small side, this week’s links explore a few interpretations of a micro-sized world.

Elgin Park
Artist Michael Paul Smith has turned his model car collection into a fascinating model making hobby, constructing a mid-century American town (buildings, accessories, and even scaled-down dirt and gravel) and photographing the buildings and cars with real-life backgrounds. Forced perspective photography makes it seem all of one piece. His Flickr photo stream makes it easy to forget time in Elgin Park.

Strange Worlds
After Matthew Albanese spilled paprika and decided it looked like a Martian landscape, he began creating Strange Worlds, which matches detailed landscape dioramas (from the ground right up to the sky overhead!) with camera work. He wants to “[trick] the eye,” he says, and his realistic depictions of everything from tropical scenes to tornadoes on the plains do just that.

Little People Project
What happens when micro-sized people meet the human-sized world? UK artist Slinkachu takes tiny plastic figures and places them in urban settings. Their interaction with the human-made and the natural side of real-sized city living is whimsical and clever.

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