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AUSU Student Forums
In the General Student Chat forum, user “Crimson Dawn” inquires about AU sororities and fraternities. In the same forum, user “Jternoway” wonders if there are any nerdfighters on the forum. And user “Chasingstars” seeks input on course EDPY 200.
Other topics include odd features of the PSYC 435 textbook, the Kootenays, and course ECON 401.

AthaU Facebook Group
Heather seeks advice on how to approach a research paper for HIST 383 The Vikings. Jessica looks for input from other Anthropology students. Alysha wonders if it`s possible to request a new tutor.
Other postings include redoing assignments, graduation, getting work experience in the HR field, and courses ACCT 253, ENGL 324 and 351, FNCE 401, IDRL 309, and PSYC 289,

@AthabascaU tweets: “Check out AU’s peer-reviewed Journal of Integrated Studies”