The Entrepreneur’s Path – The Laptop Millionaire, Part II

Are You A Million-and-One Short of Your First Million? Tips for Narrowing the Gap

The Entrepreneur’s Path – The Laptop Millionaire, Part II

Delving deep into the final chapters of Laptop Millionaire, by Mark Anastasi, it dawned on me that the practical element of how to implement these multi-million revenue generating strategies s is sorely amiss on the pages. I read extensively on affiliate marketing, watched multiple Webinars on affiliate marketing, and dreamt of the day when I’d finally possess the knowledge to take the plunge. Yet, that day resides, shackled, in the imagination, as always.

So, I decided to weather the storm and get my hands dirty with multi-million dollar strategies I humbly ponder but never implement. My goal strikes me as fantastical, but perhaps I might set ablaze a path for making millions for the readership by just hunkering down and setting up accounts.

Amazon and its Bedfellow, Affiliate Marketing
Holding my breath, I peer at Amazon’s associate program Web page, by clicking the link “Become an Affiliate” at the bottom of Amazon’s monolithic welcome screen. Immediately, Amazon addresses me with a screen announcing my potential to earn up to 10% commission on products just by adding a link to your communications such as Facebook accounts, blogs (one of which I proudly own), email messages–you name it. Slideshow widgets featuring products are other options for enlivening your Website or blog. The site streamlines your ability to post Facebook and Twitter updates regarding your affiliate products. Your alternatives even extend so far as building your own online affiliate store, featuring Amazon products. Best of all, you make money on every sale without even having to purchase, create, or own the product.

Your return on promoting products includes 4% of the list price for electronics products, 10% for game downloads, 5% for instant video products, 4% for DVD products, or 4% for general products such as books. It reveals that signing up is for free.

I recently started a blog, so I may venture into the affiliate marketing program. However, my blog remains empty to date. Affiliate marketing will be a sure-fire way to monetize the website, if only I could garner some heavy-duty traffic. At least the first steps of the plunge resonate, and the rest await finalization.

Interviewing High-Quality and Low-Cost Audio with Callburner
Recently, I wrote an article on iTunes podcasting. A podcasting neophyte, the learning curve was ominous. Since then, I’ve overcome many barriers while establishing my first interview subject for the start of April. All of my equipment is now ready for the airwaves.

One of the gems I encountered included software that enables not only podcasters, but also student and professorial researchers, to interview subjects from anywhere around the globe in production quality audio. The skype compatible software callburner has a free month trial and from therein costs $49 U.S per computer. The beauty of the callburner program resides in its ability to record an incoming and outgoing skype call on two separate audio files. With such division of interviewee/interviewer into two sound clips, editing each clip enables upping of volume on one vocal or lowering on the other, adding vocal effects specific to each voice, and so forth. Adobe Audition or the free Audacity offer convenient audio editing capability. With callburner, the configuration for the two separate audio tracks is as easy as clicking a checkbox. Whenever you open Skype, the call is automatically recorded, unless you specify otherwise in the configuration. Ah, professional interview sound recording software for under $50 (minus the headset). Try beating both that price and that quality with an external recording device.

Creating CDs and DVDs (of the Month) with Kunaki versus Amazon
If you are musically gifted or possess an audio or dvd information product you want to sell, Kunaki and Amazon are both two potential product manufacturing and distribution outlets. Delving into Kunaki’s Website, I delighted in its low cost for printing, manufacturing, casing, cover inserting (with two panels), cellophane wrapping, free UPC bar code, and 24-hour manufacturing turn-around time. From 80 cents to $1.75 per unit (which ranges depending on your order size), you reap a profit of your list price minus the 80 cents or so minus 5% of the net leftover amount. So, selling one unit at a list price of $20 means you make $20 minus the $1 charge ($19) minus 5% (95 cents) of the remaining amount, totaling a net revenue for you of $18.05.

More outstanding, Kunaki allows you to sell your products on your Web site or Facebook account by providing you with a Kunaki sale page to which you link. Kunaki collects the payment for you and fulfills the order. You establish whether Kunaki pays you by check or paypal on the 15th of each subsequent month.

Kunaki stores other sales options like drop shipping to your Amazon or EBay stores, and provides you with a tracking id. If you want to go as far as having a CD or DVD of the month club, Kunaki will fulfill orders for multiple recipients if you provide them with a list. Each recipient associates with a tracking ID. If you prefer, you can order products for yourself to sell at your own physical location.

Impressive? Well, perhaps it proves wise to consult Amazon’s audio downloads and audio manufacturing site for a quick comparison. Right off the bat, we know your market exposure is a thousand-fold with Amazon’s behemoth service.

To create a CD through Amazon’s Createspace, the cost is a fixed charge of $4.95 per unit plus a 15% charge on Createspace eStores or a 45% charge for sales on I’ve never heard of a Createspace estore, but if you are selling on Amazon an item for $25, you subtract the $4.95 plus subtract the 45% from the list price of $25. Sigh. Yet, you stand to make money, and Amazon does all the work for you, with the exception of artwork design. On (which I wrote about last week), you can get people to create the artwork for your cover, inserts, and disks for low cost. The good news is that the pricing is the same whether you manufacture a CD or a DVD. Better yet, if you choose the instant download path for your movies, you get paid 50% of the purchase or rental price. It just needs to be at least 6 minutes long. Step aside, Kindle; here comes the future of instant downloads.