Click of the Wrist – National Poetry Month

April?the month when temperatures rise, flowers bloom, and the air is full of scents and sights and sounds so rich it’s an adventure just to walk outdoors. What better time to celebrate National Poetry Month and the way language can create such an atmosphere of its own? Click through this week’s links to get some wide perspectives on poetry:

Daily Dose
National Poetry Month is a great opportunity to enjoy both classic poetry and the lesser-known work of famous poets and unknowns alike. The Academy of American Poets posts daily poems on their Poem A Day page. Sign up and get your daily dose delivered to your inbox!

Live Out Loud
Many poems aren’t only meant to be read, but also to be spoken. Poetry Out Loud, a national US-based contest, is geared to students, but poetry lovers of all ages can take advantage of the wealth of information on the site. From video “examples of great recitations” to articles on “the art of recitation,” it’ll show you a side of poetry you might never have considered before.

Food for Thought
What’s the connection between poetry and food? The League of Canadian Poets explores this question during their month-long Food & Poetry blog event, which features poet interviews, food-themed poetic works, and a spotlight on local events across Canada?featuring nourishment for both body and mind.