Dear Barb: When the Bill Comes Due

Dear Barb:

I have just completed my last course at AU and will be graduating soon. Also, I am starting a new job next week. I have been dating my boyfriend for three years and we are planning on moving in together. He has been working for almost five years, so he is well established in his career and making good money. The problem is that when we move in together he thinks we should share the expenses 50/50. I don’t agree with this since I will be making almost half of what he is making, as I’m just beginning my career. I feel he should pay a larger portion of the bills, what do you think? Carly

Hi there Carly:

Congrats to you for completing university and getting a job so quickly! I understand your concern and I think you are right about the expenses. I believe your boyfriend should be required to pay the expenses in accordance with his income. For example, if he makes 50% more than you then he should be paying 50 % more of the expenses than you would pay. That seems fair to me, however it’s a totally personal decision between you both how you want to divide the expenses. Strive to come to a compromise that is pleasing for both of you. It’s actually very good that you are discussing this before you move in together, as you don’t want to start off your relationship with financial issues. I would suggest you open a joint account and each put in a percentage of your income into this account for bill payments. As time goes on you can always adjust these amounts. Thanks for writing and good luck to you both!

Dear Barb:

I recently lost my job and I have not been able to find another one. I am now having severe financial problems and really don’t know where to turn. I admit, I’ve been frivolous with my money in the past and don’t have any savings. I don’t want to go to my parents as I know I will get a lecture. I am sure I will eventually be able to find a good job as I do have a trade, but I need some help until then. Not sure if I should bit the bullet and tell my parents of my situation, as I’m sure they would help me. Thanks Ken.

Hi Ken:

It’s noble that realize you haven’t handled your money well in the past. As parents we never stop parenting our kids no matter how old they get. We are always hoping that maybe this time they will get it. If you really need the money I guess you will have bite the bullet, and ask your parents. Be thankful your parents that are willing and able to help you. Happy job hunting Ken!

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