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Laurie wants to know what the average wait time is for an exam mark. Lorena seeks help uploading an assignment file that exceeds the maximum allowable file size. Jodi looks for input about visiting Athabasca for a Biology lab. And Janielle hopes someone can explain the difference between “deductive” and “inductive” for her PHIL 152 course.
Other postings include the exam invigilation network, missing reading file pages, and courses ADMN 232 and 233, MATH 215 and 265, NUTR 330 and 331, PHYS 200 and 201, plus CRJS 370, ENGL 316, PHIL 252, and PSYC 290.

@AthabascaU tweets info for students taking exams at AU: “Keep Your Property Safe During Exams” And on Apr 6, @AU_Business tweets: “The front page of today’s #GlobeandMail features @AthabascaU and the #HockeyMBA”