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In the General Student Chat forum, user “ileibel” seeks help understanding the discussion forum assignment for ENGL 255.

AthaU Facebook Group
Karl (The Voice Editor) posts that The Voice Magazine may soon be disappearing. JoAnne challenges group members to post one concern in 20 words or fewer. A different Karl wonders why AU is still using paper exams. Carrie wants to know if she can write an exam before submitting all the course assignments.
Other postings include renting grad gowns, course companion study guides, BsArch, and courses EDUC 406, ENGL 255, LGST 553, NUTR 331, PSYC 375, and SOCI 305.

@AthabascaUSU tweets: “We want to know what you think! Please get in touch with us to share your thoughts on The Voice and anything you feel is important!”