Letters to the Editor


Reading about the possibility of Athabasca students no longer having a Voice is counter to what public education and our country in general is in need of. We as a people need a Voice to speak for, against and to join debates in whatever issues we see affecting us.
To remove a student paper like the Voice would be a detriment to the university as a whole because if AU was wise they would be reading the articles and learning what is most important for the student (paying!) body. I first discovered Athabasca sometime in 2002 or 3 along with the Voice and have written a few articles over the years; it is an important paper because studying online is difficult and requires an immense amount of focus and time to accomplish the goal of graduating. During my studies I was too busy to read through what was happening and was always appreciative of the Voice because I could learn what the current issues were and what would affect me.

I believe it would be a loss all around for AU, it would be a detriment to the AU image and surely make myself and likely others feel that AU doesn’t care about their students. That would be a shame!


Thanks Gaurang, the support that’s hit my mailbox, from students, journalists, and even legal counsel, has been heartening. I’m hopeful students have been heard and this will sort itself out.