Click of the Wrist – Save It

Distracted by all the great articles, posts, infographics, and fascinating but time-sucking information that pop up every time you get online? If you’re mired down with finals or end-of-term papers but don’t want to lose track of the must-reads, check out these apps for storing, reading, and accessing it all:

Want to save an article or post to read later? You can save it to Pocket (either through an app or via a browser plugin) and access it on your own time. From Pocket’s dashboard you can read, share on social media, save to a note-taking app like Google Keep, or?really convenient when you’re doing mindless tasks and need some company?have Pocket read the text out loud to you.

Today’s digital reality means that you might come across a great article on your smart phone while you’re waiting in the checkout line?but you’d rather read it at home on your laptop’s bigger screen. PushBullet connects your devices with your computer, allowing you to share links directly among them. Hitting PushBullet can send an article directly to your laptop?and even open it in the browser for you.

Are there certain steps you always take when dealing with information? Send it to Pocket and then stick it in Google Keep with a reminder tag so you don’t forget about it? Download a file from Dropbox and open it on your laptop with PushBullet? IFTTT’s (If This Then That) IF function allows you to create “Recipes” that set up relationships among your devices and apps.