Click of the Wrist – Playing Dress-Up

Think dressing up in superhero costumes is just for kids? Think again. With convention season winding down, adult costumers, known as cosplayers, are highlighting the year’s best?and starting to plan their transformations for the cons they’ll be attending this fall. This week’s links give a glimpse into the fascinating art of the world of cosplay.

From Pop Culture Uncovered, this series of interviews highlights the women and men of cosplay?both amateurs and professionals?people who are committed to translating characters from the page or screen to real life.

Amber Unmasked
For a deeper glimpse into a cosplayer’s world, check out this site, run by cosplayer and model Amber Love, and its fascinating array of photos, event recaps, makeup and costuming tutorials, and podcasts. Note: some of Amber’s modeling shots are NSFW.

The Lighter Side
For a Cracked-style take on cosplay, you might enjoy Dorkly’s slideshows, which range from cosplaying animals to cardboard armor battles to costumes that apparently “can actually help you fight crime.”

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