Music Review – We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are

Music Review – We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are

Album: we’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are
Band: Fable Cry

To follow the review that I had done on their singles from this album back in April, I am excited to review Fable Cry’s album we’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are. Full of the same goodness, fun, and eccentricity that we sampled in their singles, we’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are brings the monsters from your childhood stories and nightmares to life.

The album is arranged in a grand theatrical fashion, full of stories and wonder slowly pulling you further and further down the rabbit hole. Be prepared to be faced with ghosts, zombies, witches, fortunetellers, deadly journeys, hungry wolves, claustrophobic tombs, and anything else that may frighten you.

I absolutely love this album and I don’t think I could say enough about it. The first song “Dead or Alive (For Now)” prepares you for the magnificent journey that you are about to embark on. Feeling like the prickling of the hair on the back of your neck as you watch the sun blink out of existence on Halloween night, the lyrics in this song build that nervous apprehension that starts at your toes and ends at the very tips of your hair. Prepared for anything, you step out into the dark.

“Fancy Dancing” is the following track. This was one of the tracks that I reviewed back in April, so a quick recap?dwindling courage, an encounter with a witch, a dreadful realization, and all accompanied with brilliantly composed gypsy-like music. Ready for the next step of the journey?

The high seas await you in “From Myth to Moon” (available in both in a clean and explicit version). The music is very much like the typical pirate music, but it feels as though there is an uneasiness lying behind the overly giddy violin. Sure enough, upon listening closely to the lyrics you discover the singer is warning you of the darkness that resides in the deepest reaches of the human heart.

Ever wonder what Dr. Frankenstein was thinking as he build his monster? “The Good Doctor”, also available in clean and explicit, creates such a vivid mental image you feel as though you are there in the very laboratory where the monster is being created. Perhaps the best thing I love about this song is the lyrics, especially the part “?to the cacophony of coffin-covered corpses?” which is such a wonderful example of alliteration. For anyone studying any form of English and literature, you will find yourself swooning over the ingeniousness of the lyrics.

“Onion Grin” is the next track, which was the other single that was reviewed in April, and I still absolutely love this song. What could be better than a song from the perspective of the villainous wolf found in so many fables.

“Set Me Loose” is unnerving, but fantastic at the same time. I feel that the song is about Dracula or some other similar vampire character calling to his beloved. Although the track starts out somewhat claustrophobic with the character describing his surroundings in detail, the character is true to the vampires of old, which is something I feel the vampire genre needs.

The final track that I will mention is “Slow Down”. The blues sound is fantastic, and the lyrics are extremely entertaining. Going along with the general theme of the album, I imagine that this song is from the perspective of a zombie imploring to his victim to slow down as he chases him.

Three songs remain on the album that are as superb as the others, but I’ll leave these for you to discover on your own?that is, if you are prepared to venture into the world created by Fable Cry. Keep your wits about you!

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.