Click of the Wrist – Boom, Crack

It’s summer, and thunderstorms are rolling across the fields and darkening the skies over cities. How to stay safe from these awe-inspiring displays of nature’s power? Click through this week’s links for before, during, and post-storm safety.

Out in the Wild
Of course you’re supposed to be indoors during a storm, but what if you’re caught unprepared outdoors?or worse, out on the water? NOAA’s tips could save your life.

If someone is struck by lightning, what should you do? First, it is safe to touch them?don’t fear to approach the victim. Second, this is an emergency situation, so call 911. This guide tells you what to do while waiting for first responders to arrive.

The storm passed over, but you lost power. When the electricity’s finally restored, will the contents of the fridge and freezer be safe to eat? Check out the USDA’s cheat sheet to figure out what to keep, what to pitch, and how to tell if it’s been sitting around dangerously long.