Music Review – Into the Night

EP: Into the Night
Band: London Has Fallen

Alternative music has always been one of my favourite genres. The music that falls into this category often pushes the boundaries, integrating a variety of musical elements and incorporating lyrics that draw on raw emotion for inspiration. With the release of their EP, Into the Night, London Has Fallen has demonstrated their music’s ability to harness the essential elements of the alternative music genre and twist these sounds into something that defies the genre, creating a melody all their own.

London Has Fallen is comprised of a magical duo from Illinois. Alecia Gates, whose voice brings an angelic feeling to the darkest emotion, and Cameron Gorham, whose ability to harness the entire spectrum of human emotion into music is anything short of genius, have created a sound that I have fallen completely in love with. The duo released their first album, Fracture, last year, and the tracks on Into the Night will be included on their second album set to be released this fall.

London Has Fallen reminds me of bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence. There is a grandness to their music, and after listening to their first album I am happy to hear that they are continuing to polish that sound. The four tracks on Into the Night demonstrate the duo’s ability to incorporate electronic sound with traditional instruments and soft but powerful vocals, something that not many alternative bands are able to accomplish successfully. Attempts at creating this type of complex harmony often results in music that sounds disorganized.

Although I absolutely loved every song on this EP, “Leave Me Broken” was by far my favourite. The song is inspired by images of war and the devastation that war brings, but it’s not gloomy. Instead, it speaks of those who stand upright in the face of adversity, and no matter the hardships they endure, they hold their head up high and their courage and spirit never waivers. The music is simple but effective. The song begins with simple guitar and piano and vocals that seem to come from somewhere far away, almost hidden, perhaps in the recesses of someone’s mind. The music slowly grows to an epic crescendo as the song progresses, with drums becoming the dominant instrument. The lyrics are dark but with a strength that often can not be conveyed in words. The song left me in tears, not because of the inspiration behind the song, but because of the overall message of defiance and strength of spirit.

Each track on the EP is driven by complex issues and emotions, perhaps adding to the overall allure of London Has Fallen. Into the Night is now available on iTunes and other music sites, and if you find yourself in Illinois this summer maybe you’ll get the chance to check them out live.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.