Click of the Wrist – Suit Up

Sunshine, sand, sunscreen?essentials for a day at the beach. And don’t forget the swimsuit! This weekend we celebrate the bikini’s 69th birthday with a glance back at swim fashion throughout the decades.

From the bathing machines (really!) of the early 19th century through the itsy bikinis of today, the evolution of the swimsuit is a fascinating journey through social mores. This CNN slideshow depicts men’s and women’s swimwear fashions from 1825 onward.

Enter the Bikini
When French engineer Louis Reard debuted his bikini in 1946, the only woman willing to model the scandalous suit was a French stripper. How things have changed almost 70 years later! This Time slideshow highlights the bikini’s history, and the women who made it the fashion staple it is today.

Winning Suit
While casual and fashion swimwear have trended in one direction, competitive swimwear favored by athletes has its own unique history. This New York Daily News slideshow demonstrates how Olympic swimmers have suited up over the years.