Music Review – Soul Trigga, featuring Rich Kidd

Single: “Soul Trigga ft. Rich Kidd”
Artist: ESMA

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a single. Typically I prefer to listen to an entire album to get a good idea about a musician’s talent. But when I listened to ESMA’s latest single “Soul Trigga” I was so blown away by her music that I couldn’t wait to review the track.

From Toronto, ESMA is gaining international recognition for her obvious talents as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. ESMA has opened for artists like Karl Wolf, LMFAO party rock crew, Kos, and Dirty Radio, and she is known for her unique sound that combines Hip & Hop, Pop, and various sounds from around the world.

“Soul Trigga” is ESMA’s third single and features Juno award winner Rich Kidd, who has worked with artists like Drake and Busta Rhymes.

Perhaps the first thing that I love about this song is the opening beat that reminds me of Calypso music with a splash of Middle Eastern musical influence. ESMA’s voice is stunningly beautiful, and her ability to sing both high and low notes is amazing. I can’t rave enough about her vocals. Her singing is so mysterious and alluring that I can’t help but feel like she is some goddess of music who captivates all who listen to her. And, combined with the steady rhythmic pulsing of the music, I know that this song will be in my head for days.

The next ingenious element of “Soul Trigga” is the brief interjection by Rich Kidd. His solo helps break up the song and make it so the track does not become boring, something that often happens in modern music.

There is also a video for “Soul Trigga” that showcases some of ESMA’s live performances. I love how this video is done, because not only does ESMA open the video with a brief intro, where we get to see how sweet of a person she is, but she also features her dancers and Rich Kidd’s past performances in the video. Viewers are also treated to ESMA’s amazing dancing.

Also in the video, if you pay close attention, you will notice that ESMA performed one of her singles at a Fashion Against Cancer fundraiser, which led me to checking out her webpage where she has a page specifically titled “Giving Back“. On this page, ESMA proudly displays the foundation and charities that she supports. I can’t help but love her dedication to helping those around her, while using her talents to further her support.

So if you are looking for a catchy song that will have you up and dancing, and, even better, is by a Canadian artist, I highly recommend checking out “Soul Trigga ft. Rich Kidd” by ESMA.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.