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– Aug 10: Last day to register for courses starting Sept 1
– Aug 1: Estimated launch of mental health services
– Sept 9: AUSU Council Meeting
– Sept 10: Last day to register for courses starting Oct 1

Watch for updates soon about the
Elections coming up in August!

AUSU Policy 3.01 Change

On June 22, an AUSU member brought to our attention an issue with AUSU Policy 3.01 (Elections Conduct). The current version of the policy in effect was passed in error without 21 days’ notice to our membership. Upon consulting with AUSU legal counsel, the current policy is deemed to be invalid.
As a result, the last formerly approved Policy 3.01 is now back in effect and will be adhered to going forward.

This valid version of Policy 3.01 is posted to our website at

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please direct any inquiries to

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Forensic Audit Survey

During the May 2015 AGM, a motion was passed recommending AUSU have a forensic audit performed for the previous 6 months.

Given that so few members were at the AGM to vote on this motion, we are polling the members to determine whether students consider a forensic audit to be a good use of membership funds.

Get more info and take the survey here:

Free Student Planner and Handbook!

AUSU provides members with a free student planner and AUSU handbook! It has a full calendar, study scheduler, contact section, style guides, grade conversion charts, and more!

AUSU Emergency Bursary

Did you know that AUSU has an Emergency Bursary that can help members pay for course extensions and supplemental exam fees during times of urgent financial need?