Music Review – Eric and Aaron

EP: To Keep From Losing Our Minds
Band: Eric and Aaron

There are a few criteria that I judge my favourite music by: originality, balanced harmony between vocals and music (especially if there are more than two singers), dramatic bass, emotionally driven vocals, light but thought provoking lyrics, and feelings of epic awesomeness washing over me while I crank up the volume on my headphones. Rarely do I encounter new musicians that meet all of my criteria in one of their songs, and rarer still do I find an entire EP that makes my entire music collection pale in comparison. Eric and Aaron’s first EP To Keep From Losing Our Minds is one of the best EPs that I have had the pleasure of listening to.

Eric and Aaron’s sound could best be described as a combination between Queen, U2, Coldplay, and Jack Johnson with several rock and pop influences. The duo met in New York City four years ago just as Eric was pursuing theatre work after a career as a professional ballet dancer. Needing a voice teacher, Eric found Aaron who had performed in rock operas and taught voice. Hitting it off right away, the duo have now written over 150 songs and To Keep From Losing Our Minds features 6 of their very best songs.

Of all the tracks on this EP, “Woods” is the best example of how their beautiful voices complement one another. The song is whimsical and light, but it is the chorus where you can really hear the amazing vocals. The split between the two voices, with one repeating the other, adds an emotional dimension that lies just beneath the surface of this wonderful song.

The keyboard and ukulele in “Apples” start the song off with a light and youthful tone. However, as the song progresses and the rhythm increases, the song elevates to a higher dramatic level that is expertly matched by the crescendo of the music. The keyboard playing in the background reminds me so much of “Clocks” by Coldplay, one of my all-time favourite songs, that I couldn’t help but love this one.

The lyrics in “Long Time” are beautifully written, and I recommend listening to this song anytime that you feel down on yourself. The song focuses on self-love, and the point of view used by the singer is unique and original. Combined with epic keyboard playing and masterfully played guitar, the vocals are so extraordinarily harmonious, emotionally driven, and supportive that the tone of the song is elevated from a mere tune to a heartfelt ballad. As well, the fact that the singer is speaking to a loved one, telling them not to judge themselves by what they see in the media, is a refreshing take on an important message.

Eric and Aaron will be playing at various house concerts throughout the United States this summer, so if you find yourself travelling and fancy hearing some phenomenal music, then be sure to check out one of their shows. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out their music on their website.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.