From Where I Sit – Not Optional

Sometimes a whole bunch of obligations conspire to test one’s time management skills, priorities, and sanity. Here’s a peek at what’s going on in our lives.

As Alberta wilts through a prolonged heat wave we are planning to get air conditioning installed. We’ve talked about it for years but did nothing. Until now. Even so, the installation will be delayed by a week because we are going to be away. I expect this thirty-four hundred dollar investment to be money well spent as our comfort level increases and our nights become the restful reprieve they are meant to be.

As Hilary’s milestone birthday approached I knew we had to do more than the usual restaurant dinner. Greg and Carrie agreed to host the shindig because their house is gigantic, more centrally located, and air-conditioned. We brainstormed the menu and decided it would be Ukrainian all the way. We’re experimenting with getting part of the meal catered and filling in the gaps ourselves. Bocce ball and a lawn ring toss game are planned unless Sunday is heat stroke hot. A DQ ice cream cake will be devoured.

Before we host her b-day party, though, we need to get through Saturday. I will be driving more than an hour to perform a marriage ceremony, only to turn around and drive home for a change of clothes and then off we head in the same westerly direction to attend a different wedding. As if that wasn’t enough action for one day, we were also invited to a milestone birthday party for twins who attended school with Roy. The party location is on the way home so we’ll kill ourselves trying to make an appearance before all the old people pack it in for the night.

As soon as we get home from Hilary’s party we need to start packing for a weeklong county function in the Grande Prairie area that Roy needs to attend. I’ve already had a chiropractic treatment and a therapeutic massage in anticipation of the six-hour drive. I promise to look up from my book occasionally to see the miles fly by.

Luckily, I’ve evolved enough to know that I can (indeed should) take a summer break despite my intense work as a festival coordinator. The companions’ program includes days full of scheduled tours and shared meals. It’s also a great chance for county council and spouses to bond, to see another part of our magnificent province, and to squeeze in a bit of shopping.

For any road trip, I like the challenge of list making and the challenge of packing the appropriate stuff in the right quantities. A cooler with ice-cold cherries?check. Close-toed shoes for tours?check. A variety of cool, casual, comfy clothing for day and evening?check.

The challenge with the coming days will be to enjoy the two weddings, the two birthday parties, and all the driving. The alternative of just getting through it with teeth gritted and jaw set is not optional, from where I sit.

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