Music Review – Til the Wheels Fall Off

EP: Till the Wheels Fall Off
Artist: Shane Martin

I’ll be honest, I am not a country fan. The genre has never really captured my attention or inspired me the way other musical genres have. But, despite the lack of country songs in my playlist, I have to admit that I did enjoy Shane Martin’s latest EP, Till the Wheels Fall Off.

Shane began his music career in Minnesota and has played at some of the top music festivals in the US. He has played a stunning 175 live shows throughout the country, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Shane’s music contains the typical sounds of country music: basic lyrics, light singing, twangy guitar, and steady drums. His songs focus on life in the United States mid-West and his own personal experiences.

The seven tracks on the EP give listeners a wonderful sample of Shane’s amazing, laid-back voice and ability to invoke feelings of sentimentality in his music. However, I did find that the songs were very repetitious. The chorus of each song seemed to be the main auditory focal point with little emphasis given to the main lyrics. I feel that this is a major weakness of Shane’s music because it makes it easy for listeners to zone out and not give the music the deep regard that an EP should be given.

“I Am What I Am” is the opening, and best, track of the album. Although the chorus is still repeated frequently and louder than the rest of the lyrics, I do like how the song introduces listeners to Shane’s history as a musician and his journey from his first guitar to being on the road and playing all over the US.

“Whatever Floats Your Boat” is light and funny with great words of wisdom. The music is generic with the same repetition, but the lyrics remind you to be true to yourself and do what gives your life meaning. In a way, the song provides support to those who may have broken from tradition, or refuse to live their life according to someone else’s wishes.

“Georgia Peach” is a great example of Shane’s potential and versatility. The track is still a country song, but there are elements of 80s and 90s soft rock. The soft rock inspiration is evident in the way the guitar is softly played in higher notes and combined with lightly tapped drums. I really enjoyed this hidden gem of a song.

Overall, I did enjoy Shane’s Till the Wheels Fall Off, especially how the songs were inspired by real life experiences, but the over-repetition of the chorus in the songs prevented me from being entertained by the music. However, keep in mind that country music isn’t really the typical genre that I listen to. So if You’re a fan of it, or are looking for music to relax to, then I highly recommend checking out Shane’s latest EP.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.