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Not every AU student is on summer vacation! Many students continue their studies through the summer and keep connected through social media.

AUSU Student Forums
In the By-Election 2015 forum, Philip gets the ball rolling by announcing his intention to run for council, and inviting questions and comments.

AthaU Facebook Group
Kristin posts her exuberance at passing the last exam she needs to graduate. Meanwhile, Jessica feels much the same way reaching the halfway mark in her studies.
Other posts include Lynda courses, Degree Works (or not), course extensions, and courses EDUC 310, HRMT 326, MATH 215, and POLI 311.

@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “If You’re a Student Aid Alberta or OSAP student, you can use Aeroplan points to pay tuition!,” and “Find great tools and awards for Aboriginal Students with Universities Canada at #abpse #cdnpse.”