Editorial – Back to It!

It’s September and even though Athabasca University doesn’t have a traditional school year, it kind of does. AU’s student numbers usually have a significant increase in September, as students at brick and mortar institutions realize they won’t be able to get all of their desired courses into the schedule and so turn to AU to fill in the gaps. It’s also the time that many of those who are relying on scholarships and student loans get their funding put through.

Add a downturn in the economy, something that usually increases enrolment as people have to look for more training to get new jobs, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of new students taking their first courses at AU this month. I’m sure all of us remember that first course, the confusion, excitement, and trying to figure out, “So what exactly do I do here? Where do I start?” You can see the uptick in the unofficial AU students Facebook page.

Meanwhile, here at The Voice Magazine, the start of the new month means It’s back to reporting on AUSU Council activities, and this month brings us a largely new crop of Councillors, almost entirely new staff, and a couple of new programs to start reporting on. So this week, Barb Lehtiniemi takes a look at the new mental health program that AUSU has bought into, to give us a run-down of what it offers and how it can help you.

Our feature this week is an interview with student, and now VP External, Colleen Doucette. This interview was done before the by-election results were announced, so Colleen didn’t have any idea at the time if she’d be on Council or what position she’d end up holding. Which means you get to see an inside look at what a Councillor is before they get elected. As it turns out, a lot like any of us.

Also this week, just in time to start helping us out as we get back to serious study, sees articles by The Study Dude on finding research topics, Deanna Roney on a tool in Microsoft Word She’s found helps her with her commitment issues in essays, and the return of The Writer’s Toolbox, as professional editor, Christina Frey, returns from various conferences over the summer with a simple suggestion that many of us often forget in our rush to get a paper submitted.

Plus, we also have reviews of two very different musical artists, a look at why getting more women into political leadership positions is important, and Marie Well provides us with some advice on how to achieve a peace of mind that can be especially important when we first look at the course requirements and wonder how we’re going to get all of it done. If that isn’t enough, we’ve got interviews, entertainment, and another heart-felt article by our own Barb Godin as she remembers her father.

At any rate, enjoy the read!