Music Review – Liam Corcoran

Composer: Liam Corcoran

Sometimes the best music is creating using the most basic sounds and elements. The simplicity of poetic lyrics, gentle piano, and folk-inspired guitar and drums used together often creates music that is incredibly relaxing and laid back. ROM-DROM is a mini-album that uses these feelings to bring to life some of the best folk and alt-country music that I have heard in a while.

Liam Corcoran is based in Charlottetown, PEI, and ROM-DROM, his first solo EP, was released September 4th. Liam was the co-founder and lead singer of the indie-pop band Two Hours Traffic, a band that was fairly popular in the indie circuit in Atlantic Canada. Although Liam’s music sounds quite different from what he played with Two Hours Traffic, a couple of his former band mates also contributed to ROM-DROM, as well as other popular PEI musical talents like Kinley Dowling from Hey Rosetta. The music on ROM-DROM reminds me of a mix between Rawlins Cross, Crash Test Dummies, and Blues Travellers.

ROM-DROM features seven of Liam’s songs, and is a wonderful introduction to his talents. Liam’s music captures that easygoing feeling that is the mark of many Atlantic Canadian musicians. However, it was Liam’s lyrics that captured my attention. Liam touches on many of the feelings and emotions that come with being separated by long distances from those you love. Not an unfamiliar theme in music, but Liam’s poetic representations of these feelings demonstrate his incredible talent as a songwriter.

“Out of this World” and “Thru the Dark” are my favourite songs on this album. “Out of this World” features a somewhat sombre tune that uses the piano to convey feelings of loneliness and sadness. The pairing of the piano with the softened guitar and drums creates beautiful music that is sure to capture listeners’ hearts. As well, the female backup singing in the chorus adds a dimension to the song that also tends to lift listeners’ spirits, preventing the song from being overly melancholy and depressing.

“Thru the Dark” is more light-hearted, and I absolutely love the use of the violin. The guitar, drums, and vocals are still fairly central to this song, but the violin that resides in the background gives the music a somewhat grander and historic feeling. However, the overuse of repetition in the lyrics was a bit of a letdown.

Overall, Liam’s first EP showcases many of his talents as a singer and songwriter, and I look forward to future album releases. If you are a fan of folk and alt-country music, or if you are planning on taking a road trip this fall and are looking for music to add to your playlist, I highly recommend checking out ROM-DROM, available on iTunes and Spotify.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.

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