Music Review – Bri Ingram

Artist: Bri Ingram
EP: I Am

Music has a way of taking some of the most difficult times in our lives and forcing us to see them in a new way. Lyrics about heartbreak and disappointment don’t necessarily have to be put to dark or somber music. Instead, bravely pairing such lyrics with more upbeat tones tends to present such trying times in a hopeful and positive light. This not only gives listeners hope during their trying times, but it also demonstrates the personal persistence of the musician through their own down times. The songs on Bri Ingram’s first EP, I Am, are so incredibly emotional and full of heartache that I can’t help but love how courageously Bri combines her lyrics with such beautiful and awe-inspiring music.

Bri has been singing since she was a little girl, but only recently began writing her own music. Inspired by blues, Bri also combines elements of pop, alt rock, and alt country, creating songs that are irresistible and truly memorable. With a voice that is easily comparable to songstress legends like Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Aretha Franklin, I Am is Bri’s first EP and is named after her declaration to create the life that she wants, no matter what may happen. Each track is very different, drawing on particular circumstances and dilemmas in Bri’s life.

The first track, “Can’t Even Cry,” is highly influenced by country, and almost deterred me from liking the remainder of the EP. As someone that doesn’t like the twang of country music, I was disappointed by this song. Although Bri is a capable singer, country music is almost too flat for her powerful vocals. The result is a song that is dominated by her voice but has a lack of harmony with the instruments.

In the second track, “Belly of the Beast,” Bri demonstrates her immense talent. This song saved the EP for me. The music is grand and elaborate, drawing on elements of swing, jazz, and blues with a slight country feel, creating one of the most complex and interesting songs that I have heard in a while. Bri’s singing blends perfectly with this style, and I eagerly listened to the rest of the album.

“Save Me” stands out on I Am because of the slower tempo. Like the remaining songs on the EP, the music is majestic and equal to Bri’s magnificent voice. Drawing on the popular elements of love ballads, the interplay between Bri’s singing and the strong electric guitar remind me of love songs from the 90s. The intense femininity of Bri’s vocals contrast with the very masculine guitar, somehow creating intense feelings of loneliness, as if in the wake of a major life changing event. There is also an underlying hopefulness to the song, suggesting the desire a person has to pick themselves up and move on.

Overall, apart from the first track, Bri’s first EP I Am is a wonderful compilation of songs that showcase Bri’s amazing talent as a singer and songwriter. I will definitely be looking forward to any future album releases.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.

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