Dear Editor

We are reaching the end of one of the longest political campaigns in Canada’s history, and, as one of the two voters who decided the winner of the provincial election in our riding in Calgary, I would like to stress the importance of your vote, and encourage everyone to exercise her/his democratic right and responsibility.

Also, nearly a decade ago, I wrote an article for The Voice, rebutting another writer, entitled “The Scary Harper Government” , in which I tried to show how neo-platonists, and their “noble lies” , like Harper, were dangerous to Canadian democracy. While this accomplished little at the time, nearly a decade of Harper government has proven to be even more devastating to democracy in Canada than I had thought. Some evidence to support this view is presented below.

I believe there is now so much well-researched evidence out there to prove that Stephen Harper is arguably the worst prime minister in Canadian history, that I find it difficult to realize that some people are still contemplating voting for his party. However, polls show that many have not contacted this evidence, and/or do not share my bias (which should be fairly obvious).

I know that most students of AU who are contemplating supporting Harper, or are undecided, probably have little time for political reading in addition to their heavy course-loads, so I have attempted to keep sources brief and quickly verifiable.

The first is a downloadable publication by The Tyee, entitled “Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled” by D. Beers, Tyee staff, and contributors. (34pages).
This summarizes some of the most egregious episodes.

Second, is a recent column by Carol Goar, in the The Toronto Star, which details a few of Harper government long-term repercussions.)

Third, is a brief article by Gerard Monpetit, in The Huffington Post, stressing the main reason why the TPP is great for foreign businesses, and very bad for Canadian democracy .

Finally, if you still aren’t convinced to vote for anyone but the Harper Conservatives, try singing along with Tony Turner, a Canadian scientist suspended by Harper for writing and performing “HarperMan”, a song in which every mention of Harper deeds has been published and verified in most newspapers long ago. (Apparently, “Steve” isn’t so happy with music, when he is the subject, rather than the musician!).
Ron Tebo

So it’s safe to say you won’t be voting CPC? -Editor