Music Review – Ships have Sailed


Artist: Ships Have Sailed
Album: Moodswings

What is it about certain types of music that capture the very essence of summer? With the days becoming colder, summer feels so far away. But after listening to Ships Have Sailed’s latest album, It’s like those carefree and relaxed feelings that I have during the warmer months aren’t as far away as I had thought.

Moodswings is the band’s first full length album, a follow-up to their EP, Someday, which was released last year. Considered an alternative pop-rock duo, this LA based band reminds me of Coldplay, Hedley, and The Black Keys all rolled into one.

With a focus on strong emotions and stories, Ships Have Sailed wanted to create an album that wasn’t driven by a strong single. Instead, they created an album that leads from one song to the next, meaning that as a listener goes through the album they are embarking on more of a story, a journey, than just passively listening to the music. The music is robust and dynamic, and the lyrics are deeply emotional and will move a listener to either dancing or tears.

Listeners have the option to choose from upbeat tempos to thoughtful and sombre electronic tones. With eleven tracks on the album, there is truly something on Moodswings for everyone.

My favourite track on this album is “Criminal.” The song begins somewhat repressed, like a tide of emotion is being held back. Then the music crescendos to strong drums and the grand and emotional vocals quickly join in and become the focal point of the song. The mood of the song is fairly dark, especially compared to some of their other songs, but I really enjoyed the themes and tones of the music.

“You Should Know” is a love song unlike any other I have heard. The song isn’t sappy or full of innuendo. Instead the music and lyrics sound and feel more like real emotions, as if the singer is speaking directly to the person that he admires. The tones are suitably upbeat, but not overbearingly.

“Imaginary Friend” is an adorable tribute to friendship. The music is lighthearted, much like a child skipping through a park. The lyrics are sweet and refreshing, and the singing is perfectly matched to the song.

The final song that I will mention is the opening track “Drive.” At first the song sounded too much like typical pop songs for my tastes. However, the incredibly strong singing and electronic effects made the song for me. The layers of effects are incredible, and the male vocals evolve the overall tones into something that I had never heard before.

I highly recommend checking out Ships Have Sailed’s latest album Moodswings, which is available on iTunes.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.