Music Review – MC Shadow

Artist: MC Shadow
Singles: “Resurrection,” “Lost,” and “Lullaby of Pain”

I love action movies. I love everything about that genre of film: the car chases, the grand stylized battles and fight scenes, the impossibilities, and the music that accompanies the action. Although the films may be a guilty pleasure of mine, the music in films like The Fast and The Furious has given Rap and Hip-Hop artists incredible inspiration and an amazing platform to present their intense music to the world.

MC Shadow is a veteran rap and hip-hop artist who began in the 80s and has now returned to the music scene after a long hiatus. Achieving some success with his band Get Loose Crew in the late 80s and early 90s, and credited with being the first white rapper in Canada, MC Shadow left the music industry after experiencing some disappointments. However, if his latest singles are any indication, he is returning to the music world at a perfect time. He credits bands like Massive Attack, Evanescence, and Arctic Monkeys for inspiring his new music, MC Shadow’s latest singles are phenomenal and a credit to the rap and hip-hop genres.

“Resurrection” begins with music that is reminiscent of a grand orchestra. The song picks up with the beginning of a steady beat and female backup vocals provided by Sarah Beatty. By the time MC Shadow’s rap begins the music has already achieved an intensity that will have listeners? hearts racing in anticipation. The sounds steadily grow and crescendo, eventually reaching an epic climax.

At first I didn’t enjoy “Lost,” the second single released, however, I absolutely loved the chorus and how the lyrics lead to it. The harmony between MC Shadow and Tekniq is amazing. The electronic effects in the song sound very metallic to me, but after listening to the lyrics a few times, I understood the reasoning behind the effects. The song is largely inspired by large cities, especially the darker side of life that reside in those cities. The brief heavier sound later in the song breaks up the music perfectly, and the hit of metal really captures the attention.

“Lullaby of Pain” is very different from the other singles. The tempo is slower, and the overall music is very soft. Sarah Beatty provides the female vocals in this track as well, and the difference between her sensual and alluring voice beautifully contrasts with MC Shadow’s extremely masculine rap and vocals. The piano and guitar further add to the overall feelings created by the vocals, and the result is a beautiful and incredible song.

Apart from these singles being MC Shadow’s extraordinary return to the music industry, he has also created a video for “Resurrection” that is closer to a movie than a simple music video. This is intended to be part of a trilogy of videos and short film that he is creating, with the music videos for “Lost” and “Lullaby of Pain” continuing and finishing the story that begins in “Resurrection”. The story is centred around four friends, their execution of a bank heist, and inevitable mystery and betrayal. So, yeah, I loved the video as well, and you can check it out here.

If these singles are any indication, the next year will be busy for MC Shadow, and I eagerly await a full album. “Resurrection,” “Lost,” and “Lullaby of Pain” can be found on iTunes.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.