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The facebook group seems a little slower this week, probably because of exams for people who started courses right after school let out in June.
But Cass wants to know if MLA format requires a title page. Casey wonders what effect changing programs mid-semester will have. Kaitland seeks study tips for the LGST 377 final exam.
Other posts include service standards and the federal election.

@lonipierce tweets: “Just got my latest @AthabascaU package in the mail and it included the V for Vendetta graphic novel. Awesome!!! #textbookstokeep“.”
@AthabascaU tweets: “Warm welcome to AU’s new #WriterInResidence Esi Edugyan! #ScotiabankGillerPrize novelist”
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “Have you been to The Landing lately, #AthaU‘s social networking site?”

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