Another Perspective on Getting Inked

A few weeks ago there was an article about the possible dangers of getting a tattoo. While there are some unknowns in the tattooed world, I would like to present you with another perspective.

Getting a tattoo can be a wonderful experience, albeit painful. The most important thing to do before getting a tattoo is to do your research. Find an artist you like and someone who is knowledgeable about sterilization and health. A good artist is passionate about their work and the health of the canvas which is it going on. I recently went with my husband and we both got tattoos from an artist I had previously gone to. This particular artist is exceptionally thorough about cleanliness and takes the time to educate clients on the proper after care. After all, a fresh tattoo is a fresh, open, wound, and, like any other open wound, you need to make sure it stays clean and does not get infected. Every year this artist goes to several conventions and takes a health course to stay up to date on the best procedures.

A tattoo may not be for everyone, and if you are at all unsure of if you really want one, you should not get one (after all, they are generally permanent). These days tattoos have taken on a whole new meaning. In the past they were a sign of rebellion, the person was viewed as dangerous, but today people of all walks have them. For some, each tattoo has a personal meaning, while for others, some are pieces of art which they love. For myself, I have (so far) only three, each one marks a moment in my life. It brings back a memory, reminds me where I came from, and how far I can go.

Getting a tattoo should be a personal decision. No one outside of yourself should influence whether you get one, or what you get. Take care in who you choose to see, look through their portfolio, ask questions if you have them, and if you don’t like the answers, or the portfolio, go and see someone else. The process of getting inked is a personal journey, one which no one else can experience for you, or with you. Even sitting there watching my husband get his first tattoo it was a unique experience for him, one which I cannot completely understand. With each sitting I learn something about myself, my tolerance, and those around me.

Don’t get a tattoo because I, or anyone else, has had this experience, but don’t avoid them because someone says you shouldn’t get one.

Deanna Roney is an AU student who loves adventure in life and literature