AUSU Update!

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– Nov 13: December degree requirement deadline
– Nov 22: Meet & Greet in Halifax
– Nov 30: December course extension deadline
– Dec 10: AUSU Council Meeting
– Dec 10: Deadline to register for courses starting January 1
– Dec 15: January degree requirements deadline
– Dec 25-Jan 4: AU Holiday Closure

Have you downloaded our Mobile App?

AUSU partnered with AUGSA to provide students with a FREE MOBILE APP. This is a great opportunity for AU students to stay organized, have easy access to services, get notices of events and, most importantly, a chance to interact with other AU students!

Download the Mobile App here!

The app has 3 great ways to connect with other AU Students:

1. Connect with everyone who downloaded the app through the campus chat.
2. Add friends on your profile page and chat with them directly.
3. Chat with your classmates by adding your course(s) to your schedule

For more information visit our website here.

AUSU Press Releases

AUSU recently posted a press release regarding the unsustainability of the Health and Dental Plan.

You can view this on our website here.

Please contact with any questions.

Online Course Evaluations

AUSU recently launched new online course evaluations for all undergraduate AU courses!

We hope this will be a great resource for our members to review course feedback, as well as to write reviews of courses they have taken

We encourage all students to write reviews for any courses they have taken in the last 6 months!

Click HERE to fill out a Course Evaluation!

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