Editorial – Prove Me Wrong

One of the best markers of success, in my books, is when something in The Voice Magazine sparks a comment or a reaction from someone out there. Whether it’s someone agreeing with what we’ve printed, or someone who thinks we’re flat out wrong and needs to tell us so, I take it as a sign that we’ve made someone think, and that’s a win.

In this case it was my own editorial that has prompted a letter from Dr. Jon Dron himself, politely explaining why I was mistaken in my editorial from a few weeks ago. It’s a good letter, worth a read, so I’ve reprinted it in its entirety. I’m not sure he’s allayed all my doubts about the idea of student control, simply because I’ve made enough bad choices on my own that I absolutely thought were right at the time?where I thought I knew what I needed and was proven very wrong. I tend to wonder where my life would be now if someone saw me making those choices and gave me some ideas for a different way to go.

However, perhaps that, too, is simply an inevitable part of the learning process. After all, admitting you’ve been proven wrong on something is admitting you’ve learned something?possibly in spite of yourself.

This week, however, our Meeting the Minds column interviews Dr. Tilly Jenson, the Associate Dean of Pedagogy and Student Experience. Dr. Jenson primarily teaches accounting courses when she’s not researching web-based technology to help automate parts of the learning experience for students, and has taught accounting in schools ranging from NAIT in Edmonton to a college in Dubai in the Middle East.

We also have Barb L. tell us about her first experiences with the Toastmasters, an organization devoted to help people become better, more confident public speakers and leaders. Personally, I hate the notion of speaking in public, and I know I’m not alone, but the meetings she described have made me seriously consider whether I want to check out a Toastmasters group in my area?maybe they’ll do the same for you.

One thing we do not have this week is a report on the most recent Council meeting. Because of Remembrance Day, the meeting was delayed, which subsequently delayed the report, and because it’s Friday the thirteenth, things couldn’t go perfectly and the article hasn’t been fully vetted yet (and I’m already running behind, here.) Considering that this meeting dealt with e-texts, virtual exams, and council once again increasing the Executive Member’s wages, I want to be absolutely sure I have all the details correct before I commit anything to print. Look for that report in next week’s Voice Magazine.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with a smorgasbord of advice, reviews, interviews, and even some tips to help you be more environmentally responsible by becoming a farmer in your very own backyard.

Enjoy the read!