Music Review – Ships Have Sailed (Re:Mix)

Band: Ships Have Sailed
Album: Re:Mix

In mid-October I reviewed Moodswings from pop-rock duo Ships Have Sailed. Shortly after the band released their album, they teamed up with four extremely talented DJs and created the EP Re:Mix. Featuring four of the most popular songs from Moodswings, Re:Mix is a fantastic example of creative musical ingenuity.

Before I get into the EP, a quick refresher on who Ships Have Sailed. Moodswings was the band’s first full-length album, a follow-up to their EP Someday, which had been released last year. Re:Mix was released July 14th, 2015.

Considered an alternative pop-rock duo, this LA based band reminds me of Coldplay, Hedley, and The Black Keys all rolled into one. The music on Re:Mix is dynamic, fun, and exciting, and the lyrics are emotional and, with the added beat, the remixed tracks will move a listener to either dancing or tears.

“Summertime (Matt Chiarelli Remix)” is the first song on the EP. Like the original, the music brings to mind surf, sun, and lazy days followed by fun nights spent dancing the hours away. However, the remix enhances the already upbeat feel of the song, making the song perfect to listen to when you need some sort of pick up or encouragement to move. I can’t listen to the remix without dancing. The beat reminds me of some of the recent music from OK GO.

“Out of Time (Goatmilk Remix)” has such an incredibly unique sound that I can’t help but love it. Similar to the original, it is soft, with an almost 80s pop-music feel and Coldplay-like singing (which is often very distinct). However, although the original has a very strong influence of pop, the remix is dominated by electronic effects, and the overall feeling and tone of the music is conveyed brilliantly through them. The fading and echoing of the lyrics creates a whole new level to this song. This remix is superb, and I love the feeling that is created by the DJ.

“If Only (Mike Vincent Remix)” gives the dimension and tension to the song that I found lacking in the original. The tempo is a touch faster but does not distract from the overall song. Like the original, the tempo drops off just at the chorus, exactly where I’d expect a crescendo and a pick up in the beat, which still frustrates me and leaves the song feeling anticlimactic. However, the DJ stayed true to the tone of the original song, but he also enhanced the overall feeling of the music and gave it a more robust feel.

“Drive (Diamond Saints Remix)” is perhaps the most artistic and unusual of the remixes on this EP. The original was soft and repetitive, much like driving down a highway for hours (at least that’s what I thought of). But the remix sounds more like an interpretive dance soundtrack than a pop song. Although some may enjoy the unique blending and effects, I personally felt lost by the time the song had ended and my ears were overwhelmed.
In the end, if you had the chance to check out Moodswings and want to hear how versatile some of the tracks on that album are, then be sure to check out Re:Mix, which can also be found on iTunes.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.