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Barry comments on the exorbitant amount of reading material for some courses. Melinda shares her enthusiasm about receiving a shipment of AU Library books. Kevin inquires whether a passing course grade is possible without a passing exam grade.

Other posts include Learning Logs, options for printed textbooks, exam anxiety, and courses ACCT 460, BIOL 341, ENGL 305, INST 430, and NUTR 331.

@AthabascaU tweets: “AU Bus Mgmt student Shawna Wasylysyn in Globe&Mail: AB trend twd increasing post-sec Ed thru economic downturn”
@AU_Press tweets: “Stay tuned this #UPWeek for links to the best of everything coming out of University Presses. Proud 2 be a part of it. @aaupresses (AUSU) tweets: “Check out this article about AU written by AU student Bethany Tynes! ? via @macleansmag.”

On the AU channel: “Marketer of the Year Award 2015“.