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Ash points out some educations apps that might help students, including TED TV. Bolt’s question about telling if an exam is online or with paper and pen turns to touch on how helpful (or not) the AU Support Centre is. Also, Rebecca wonders whether appealing a grade for an assignment is worth doing when it won’t affect the final grade much.

Other questions included how to declare a minor, how long e-texts last for, and students are looking for information about the Spanish courses, or courses CMNS 420, 455, ACCT 460, LGST 482, HRMT 316, FNCE 371, and PSYC 395

Twitter tweets: “Meet AU’s CAIP Rsch Chair Dr. Chris Glover #science #sustainability & #LordOfTheRings ^HS
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets from @AUSU_president “It’s official! @AthabascaUSU has 2 votes on the Board of Governors at @AthabascaU thanks @LoriSigurdson for the Ministerial Order! #abpse”