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Mari seeks advice on how to submit a complaint to AU. Liz wonders if e-texts are prevalent in certain programs. Meanwhile, Susanne inquires how she can obtain a real book for a course that has e-text.
Other posts include e-mail addresses for the office of the registrar, changing programs while mid-course, how to declare a minor, and discussions about courses CMIS 351, EDUC 406, ENGL 387, NUTR 406, PHIL 252, POLI 309, and WGST 422.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Manmeet Bhullar believed all students need to have access to open education to have a progressive Canada #ableg (AUSU) tweets: “Cannot afford a course extension or supplemental exam? Apply for the AUSU Emergency Bursary! .”

On the AU channel: “Athabasca University and CFLPA – ’The Massage’.”

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