Dear Voice;

I’m responding to your article Becoming a Course Survivor, where you asked for our own course from hell.

I took an economics course from AU which had a lot of math. Having been math free for 30 years, it was a real struggle. I managed to pass the course but only got a 45% on the final. So I had rewrite it and then got a 65%. I’ve taken stinkaroo courses at the U of C and always managed to pass. At least at that school if You’re that close they’ll give you a pass. But not AU, no siree, I’m still pissed at being treated like that. Is AU so hard up that they have to extort an extra $150 out of a poor student? I’m not taking any more math heavy courses at AU, there’s not enough support.

Regards Matt S.

Have you read our articles on becoming a Mathemagician? They probably won’t help you pass an AU Math Course, but they might make you hate it less. -Ed.